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PREVENT - A Guide to Commercial Vehicle Accident Prevention.

Prevent, is a hypertext program

Prevent!ª is a hypertext computer program developed to assist fleet managers, investigators, motor carriers, loss prevention specialists, risk managers, and researchers in the application of countermeasures to preventable accidents. The program contains all the illustrations, charts, references and countermeasures included in the "Commercial Vehicle Preventable Accident Manual". In addition to being a "manual on a disk," all Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in Parts 301 to 399 are included.

Prevent! is priced at 50.00 plus $3.95 s? and requires DOS 5.0 or greater, 286 or better processor, VGA graphics, 5.3 Mb free hard disk space and a mouse. to automatically get information via a robotic mail server, send a request via Auto-Reply. Those purchasing copies of the program who mention that they saw this Web page will get 10% off the price of the program!

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